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Pharmacist shared medicines list (PSML)

A list of medicines you may be taking, created by a pharmacist or hospital pharmacy.

Secure access to a list of the medicines you may be taking

A pharmacist shared medicines list (PSML) is a list of all medicines you may be taking, including prescribed, over the counter and complementary medicines. It can help reduce the 250,000 medicine-related problems in Australia every year and can be a useful reference if you are managing chronic diseases or if you take multiple medications.

A pharmacist shared medicines list could be created by:

  • A pharmacist after completing an in-pharmacy medicine review (MedsCheck, Diabetes MedsCheck, or a Home Medicines Review (HMR)
  • A pharmacist in preparing a dose administration aid
  • A hospital pharmacy for patients when they are discharged.

People who can access your record will be able to view this information. Find out more about who can access a record

Manage and control access 

You can access your pharmacist shared medicines list history in your record at any time.

You can also decide which healthcare providers can view your health information, including your pharmacist shared medicines list.

Pharmacist shared medicines list are only available when a pharmacist uploads a list to your record.

Once a pharmacist shared medicines list appears in your record, you can remove it at any time if you choose.

If you don’t want this information in your record, just tell your pharmacist not to upload it.

How to access the list

Get started: 

  1. Sign in to My Health Record:

  2. Select the record you want to access.
  3. Select the Documents in the navigation menu.
  4. Select Clinical Records.
  5. Select Pharmacist Shared Medicines List.