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Personal health notes

Store important notes about your health that you do not wish healthcare providers to see.

Add notes that you can keep private

Personal health notes are private notes about your health that you can securely store in your record. You can add as many as you like. 

Your personal health notes can't be seen by healthcare providers, but nominated representatives and authorised representatives will be able to view them.

You can manage your representative’s access to your personal health notes by setting them to:

  • general: allows representatives to access your personal health notes, or
  • restricted: only full access nominated representatives can view your restricted notes.

These settings can be managed through Restricted & Removed Documents in your record.

How to add a personal health note

Get started:

  1. Sign in to My Health Record:

  2. Select on the Documents tab and select Key Information I’ve Added.
  3. Select Personal Health Notes.
  4. Select Add a Personal Health Note.
  5. Enter the Event Date, a title for the note, and a description, then Select Save.

You can edit information within your personal health notes at any time. To edit, select the note you wish to edit and make your changes. Then select Save.

Information about your health that you want to share with your healthcare providers can be added to your personal health summary.

How to remove a personal health note

To permanently remove a health note:

  1. In the Personal Health Notes section select the note you want to remove.
  2. Select Manage Access.
  3. Select Remove Personal Health Note then select Save
  4. Select Yes to remove the note.

Online learning module

We have an online learning module to help you understand more about personal health notes in My Health Record.

Access the online learning module