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Changing restricted access

Managing access your healthcare provider organisations have.

Unless you restrict access to your record or documents, healthcare provider organisations will be able to access everything in your record as the default setting is General Access. You can control which healthcare provider organisations can view your record if you have set restrictions. In an emergency, restrictions on your record can be overridden.

There are three levels of access:

  • General Access - default setting allowing healthcare provider organisations access to everything in your record.  
  • Restricted Access - if you've restricted documents or your record, you can change this to allow specific healthcare provider organisations access.
  • Revoked Access - if you've allowed a specific healthcare provider organisation to access restricted documents or your record, you can change this to remove their access.

How to manage access

To follow these steps, you will need to have My Health Record linked to your myGov account.

To change a healthcare organisation's access:

  1. Sign in to My Health Record via myGov:
  2. Select the Privacy & Access tab in the top navigation menu.
  3. Select My Healthcare Organisations. If any healthcare provider organisations have accessed your My Health Record, a list will appear on this page.
  4. Select the Manage Access link next to the organisation who you want to change the access level for.
  5. The next page shows what type of access the organisation has to view or upload documents.
    You can change the access levels to General, Restricted or Revoked.
  6. Confirm the change by clicking Save.

Online learning module

We have an online learning module to help you understand more about healthcare provider organisation access levels in My Health Record.

Access the online learning module