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Allergies, medicines, adverse reactions

A consolidated list sourced from other documents that have been added by you or your healthcare providers.

View and keep track of a list of your medicines, allergies and adverse reactions

Healthcare providers involved in your care can see information that's added to the allergies and adverse reactions and medicines information tables. If you have an allergy, like anaphylaxis, add it to your record. In an emergency, it can be lifesaving. 

The allergies and adverse reactions table

Contains a list of your known allergies and adverse reactions. This information may come from a shared health summary uploaded by healthcare providers or from your personal health summary that you've added.

The medicines preview table

Contains a list of all medicines, including dose and directions from prescription records. This may be helpful in an emergency when you don't have access to your original prescriptions. 

People who can access your record will be able to view the tables. Find out more about who can access a record

How to access your information

To access or view your Allergies & Adverse Reactions and Medicines Information:

  1. Sign in to My Health Record:

  2. Select the record you want to access
  3. Select Documents from the top menu 
  4. Select Medicines information
  5. Select Allergies & Adverse Reactions and Medicines Information
  6. You will then see your medicines information displayed in a list.

Online learning module

We have an online learning module to help you understand more about allergies, adverse reactions and medicines information in My Health Record.

Access the online learning module