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Event summaries

A clinical document that can be uploaded by healthcare providers.

Information about healthcare events or consultations 

Event summaries contain information about healthcare events or consultations you may have had. For example, an event summary may include getting a tetanus shot or going to see a doctor interstate. 

An event summary can include:

  • adverse reactions
  • medications
  • vaccinations
  • diagnosis
  • interventions
  • diagnostic investigations
  • observations
  • your personal details
  • the healthcare provider's details
  • the event details

People who can access your record will be able to view this information. Find out more about who can access a record

How to access an event summary

Get started:

  1. Sign in to My Health Record:

  2. Select the record you want to access. 
  3. Select Documents in the navigation menu on the top of your screen. 
  4. Select Clinical Records and then select Event Summaries
  5. To view and search for specific summaries, filter fields such as date, author or organisation. 

Online learning module

We have an online learning module to help you understand more about event summaries in My Health Record.

Access the online learning module