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Restrict access to your record

Set a Record Access Code and control which healthcare organisations can access your record.

Manage who can access your record with a Record Access Code (RAC)

You can decide which of your healthcare providers can view or update your record by setting a Record Access Code. This is a 4-8 character code that you can set on your record at any time. You will need to provide this code to any healthcare providers you want to access your record. They only need to enter the code once to access your record.

Setting a Record Access Code may limit a healthcare provider's ability to access your medical information.

How to set a Record Access Code

To follow these steps, you will need to have My Health Record linked to your myGov account.

How to set a Record Access Code:

  1. Sign in to My Health Record via myGov:
  2. Select the record you want to access.
  3. Click the Privacy & Access tab in the top navigation menu.
  4. Select My Healthcare Organisations from the drop-down list. You will see a list of healthcare provider organisations who have access to your record.
  5. In All Other Healthcare Providers select Manage Access.
  6. On the Limit access to My Health Record page, set a 4-8 character code. Make a note of your code so you can give it to your chosen healthcare providers.
  7. Re-enter the code and select Save.

Access to your record once the code is set

Healthcare providers using a code will have access to clinical documents set to general access.

If a healthcare provider organisation has previously accessed your record (before you set a code), they will not need the access code. If you don’t want them to see your record any longer, you will need to revoke their access.

Healthcare providers that have not accessed your record for three years will need your code to access your information. For example, if you see your GP after more than three years, you will need to give them your code at your next visit so they can access your record.

Access by healthcare provider organisations

A Record Access Code (RAC) allows you to control the access of new healthcare provider organisations that have not previously accessed your record.

If an individual sets or changes their RAC, any healthcare provider organisations already on the individual’s Healthcare Provider Access list will not be impacted and will have continued access to the record.

This is important to note, as setting or changing a RAC does not prevent a healthcare provider organisation who has previously accessed the record from continuing to access the record.

Individuals should always review their Healthcare Provider Access list before setting or changing a RAC, and remove any healthcare provider organisations who they don't want to have access, then set the RAC to prevent those organisations from having continued access. 

Lost or forgotten your Record Access Code?

You can find your code in the My Healthcare Organisations setting. You can also create a new code at any time.

If you change your code, you need to provide the new code only to healthcare providers who have not previously accessed your record.

Access in an emergency 

Even if you have set a Record Access Code, healthcare providers may choose to use a ‘break glass’ function to access your record, including any restricted documents, in a medical emergency. To see if your record has been accessed, go to access history in your record

Need telephone support setting a Record Access Code?

Call our help line 24/7 on 1800 723 471.