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Access history

All the activity that has taken place in your record.

Your health journey in your hands

You can go back and see when the information in your record was viewed or updated. Information from you, your healthcare providers and nominated or authorised representatives is automatically logged, so you can review the information at any time.  

How to see your access history

To follow these steps, you will need to have My Health Record linked to your myGov account.

To see your access history:

  1. Sign in to your myGov account:
  2. Select My Health Record from your list of ‘Linked services’
  3. From your My Health Record welcome page, select the record you want to access
  4. Click the Privacy & Access tab in the top navigation menu
  5. Select My Record Access History

The Information on Access History page shows actions from the past 12 months, including:

  • the time and date of access
  • which healthcare organisation or authorised person (e.g. nominated representative) accessed your record
  • the action that was taken on your record (e.g. retrieve medicines information)
  • details of your own access to your record

Filter the access history list

You can filter your access history by date. Use the calendar function or manually enter the dates.

Who can see your access history

Your healthcare providers are not able to see your access history. Only you, your authorised representatives and your nominated representatives with full access can view it.

When can healthcare providers access my record?

When healthcare provider organisations are authorised to access My Health Record

In most cases, healthcare provider organisations are allowed to access your My Health Record to provide healthcare services. This usually happens when you visit a healthcare facility, however, there are other times when access may be authorised. This may be when you are not physically present. 

For example, a healthcare provider:

  • may access your record to check if there are any changes in your health condition based on previous test results.
  • may access your record to help them complete a medical report after a consultation
  • may check your record to see if you are taking any medicines (such as blood thinners) that need to be stopped before surgery.

Who to contact if you have questions about access to your record

If you have any questions about why a specific healthcare provider organisation accessed your My Health Record, you should contact that organisation directly. 

If you think your record was accessed without authorisation (see above), you can contact the My Health Record help line on 1800 723 471. Please note that the Australian Digital Health Agency does not have information about why a specific provider accessed your record. 

Report concerns about your access history

If you are concerned about something in your access history, or a notification that you have received, call us on 1800 723 471. All reported issues will be taken seriously.

Online learning module

We have an online learning module to help you understand more about document access in My Health Record.

Access the online learning module