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HIPS November 2016 Release

Published 24 November 2016

The Australian Digital Health Agency is pleased to announce the release of HIPS v6.1. This version supersedes and combines the functionality of HIPS v5.0 and eHealth Integration Sample Code (eHISC) v6.0, and provides the basis for all future HIPS releases.

HIPS v6.1 also provides fixes for a number of high-priority issues, and support for three views introduced with recent releases of the My Health Record system.

New functionality

HIPS v6.1 supports the following views of the My Health Record system:

  • Pathology Report View;
  • Diagnostic Imaging Report View; and
  • Health Record Overview.

Resolved issues

The release resolves a number of high-priority issues, including:

  • Removal of memory leak associated with document uploads and ADT messages; and
  • Support for multiple active episodes for the same patient.

Inherited functionality

HIPS v6.1 includes functionality from:

  • HIPS v5.0:
    • Support for Secure Message Delivery (SMD)
    • Integration with national directory services (HPD, NHSD, NEPS)
  • eHISC v6.0:
    • Dynamic generation of pathology report and diagnostic imaging report CDA documents from HL7v2 ORU messages
    • Submission of HL7v2 messages via HL7’s MLLP low-level protocol.

Who does this affect?

  • Current HIPS or eHISC users who want to adopt the new features;
  • Current HIPS or eHISC users who want to address now resolved issues;
  • Healthcare provider organisations wanting to simplify their systems’ interactions with national digital health infrastructure;
  • Diagnostic service provider organisations wanting to integrate with My Health Record system;
  • System integrators contracted by healthcare provider or diagnostic service provider organisations; and
  • Software developers who want to incorporate HIPS into their product suite.

Download the new release

  • HIPS Release Note
  • HIPS Product Data Sheet
  • HIPS v6.1 Full Release

The new release is also available for download from the My Health Record Developer website.

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