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National Clinical Terminology and Information Service (NCTIS) announces the upcoming retirement of Australian Medicines Terminology v2 releases

Published 1 November 2013

The NCTIS has previously advised licence holders of the development of a new version of the Australian Medicines Terminology (AMT) model, namely, AMT v3. This model change was based on extensive stakeholder engagement and feedback on the v2 Model since its first release for clinical use in June 2009.

The NCTIS have made the decision to not produce parallel releases of both the AMT v2 and AMT v3 and will be retiring the AMT v2 releases from May 2014. It is anticipated that the final release of the AMT v2 will be at the end of April 2014. Following this date the AMT v3 release will supersede AMT v2 and all current users will be required to migrate to the AMT v3.

The notification of the retirement of the AMT v2 is in accordance with the National E-Health Transition Authority Australian National Terminology Release Licence Agreement clause 2.7

“NEHTA reserves the right to change the type and format of its machine-readable data in respect of the National Release. NEHTA agrees to inform the Licensee of any changes to the type or format of the National Release, except additions of entirely new data elements to the National Release, at least 180 days before the National Release containing the new type or format is distributed.”

What do you need to do?

All licensees currently using the AMT v2 will be required to migrate to the AMT v3 within 180 days of the first AMT v3 release in accordance with National E-Health Transition Authority Australian National Terminology Release Licence Agreement clause 6.2

“Within one-hundred and eighty (180) days after NEHTA has notified the Licensee of the release of a new version of the National Release, the Licensee must upgrade the version of the National Release in its own systems and in the Licensee Products to that new version (or alternatively, if a subsequent version of the National Release is or has been released during the 180-day period, to that subsequent version at the Licensee's option).”

The NCTIS will continue to provide support and training to licensees and stakeholders on the AMT v3 Model and the migration process during this transition period. Notification of the publication of any new documentation and/or training events will be sent to those who have subscribed to receive email notifications as well as being posted on the NEHTA public website.

The NCTIS values your feedback and encourage questions, comments or suggestions. Please direct your correspondence to the NEHTA Help Centre at [email protected].

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