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Updated: Conformance Profiles for Specialist Letter and Common Clinical Document

Published 16 October 2016

NEHTA has released an updated version of the PCEHR Conformance Profile for the Specialist Letter document type.

Specialist Letter documents can now also be generated for the following three usage scenarios:

  • Specialist letters sent that are not in response to a clinician's referral (self-referral)
  • Specialist letters sent to referrers without a known HPI-I or HPI-O
  • Specialist letters containing recommendations for addressees without a known HPI-I or HPI-O.

The Specialist Letter – PCEHR Conformance Profile has been updated to allow for these additional usage scenarios. The Specialist Letter template packages have been adjusted to reflect these changed requirements.

This release also contains an update of the Common Conformance Profile for Clinical Documents, which contains a small number of improvements and clarifications.

The new version of Specialist Letter - PCEHR Conformance Profile references the updated version of the Common Conformance Profile.

For more detailed information, please refer to the following release notes:

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