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Ms Helen Almond PhD

Ms Helen Almond PhD

RN RSCN MSc NP PGCertMgt, Melbourne VIC 

Helen has been a registered nurse for over 30 years. She holds a PhD in Digital Health and Informatics and an MSc in Clinical Nursing (Nurse Practitioner UK). Helen is regarded as an innovative and agile individual with a dynamic personality and a diverse range of experience. She has the aptitude and capability of contributing to research, making strategic and operational contributions to the delivery of the highest standard in tertiary education, advanced clinical nursing practice, academic, strategic workforce and service development, design and delivery. 

Helen is currently employed as a Lecturer in Digital Health at Swinburne University of Technology. She provides a strong commitment to curriculum development, academic teaching, and research activity in Digital Health and Informatics across the various programs offered within the School of Health Sciences, with a primary focus on health professions including nursing. Helen continues to be an active member of The Health Informatics Society of Australia. She has recently been voted onto the Nursing Informatics Australia committee and appointed as the digital health representative on the HISA nursing competency development program. 

Helen’s research focus remains embedded in understanding the impact of digital health technology on the delivery of person-centred care for all vulnerable communities. Through educational and curriculum development, Helen is expanding her research focus toward the Health Professional - advancing knowledge of the digital health and informatics capabilities required for successful early career and established health professionals.