2% of Dungog and surrounding area have registered for an eHealth record

Dungog is a country town on the Williams River in the upper Hunter Region in New South Wales. In early 2013, the Hunter eHealth lead site (one of twelve sites across Australia) targeted the Dungog area to raise awareness of the personally controlled electronic health record (eHealth record) system and the benefits it could offer Dungog residents.

Prior to 1 January 2013, there were only nine consumers registered in the Dungog postcode (2420). Since then nearly 50 additional consumers have registered and if the other postcodes (surrounding areas) covered by this activity are included, then 2% of the local population have now registered with an electronic health record.*

Additionally, the site is now looking at assisted registration to encourage more consumers to register.

The residents now registered are across all age groups, including a number of older residents. As it is highly likely the older residents will have more than one healthcare provider, they need to travel to seek specialist healthcare. Over time as more healthcare professionals register to use the system the better connected our health system will become. An eHealth record providing a summary of their relevant health information, means that regardless of how many different doctors, nurses or other healthcare professionals they see or where they see them, Dungog residents who have chosen to register for a record will not have to worry about details being forgotten, having medical tests unnessarily repeated or having to retell their medical history to each doctor.

eHealth activities continue to increase across Australia as a result of a number of local initiatives.

  • Analysis conducted by NEHTA’s Benefits and Evaluation team.


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