Advance notice: Plan to call for Expressions of Interest for secure messaging proof of concept projects

The Australian Digital Health Agency (Agency) is providing advance notice to jurisdictions, industry and the healthcare sector that it plans to call for Expressions of Interest as part of its secure messaging program.

Proposals will be sought from industry secure messaging suppliers, clinical information system/applications suppliers and end users to collaborate on implementation projects to prove the concept and demonstrate a working model going forward for three key use cases to support the adoption of secure messaging capabilities across the health sector:</o:p>

  1. General Practice referral to Specialist</o:p>
  2. Allied Health message to General Practice or Specialist</o:p>
  3. Hospital Discharge Summary to General Practice and/or other Provider</o:p>

The EOI will seek consortiums of suppliers and users (possibly organised through a healthcare organisation or group such as a PHN or LHD)  to respond with written fixed-price proposals from supplier/s who can collaborate with other suppliers, and end user sites who demonstrate the ability to implement secure messaging capabilities.</o:p>

On-the-ground implementation projects supporting these targeted use cases will be commencing by April 2017. Collaboration with key industry partners is key and buy-in from clinical system and secure messaging suppliers is a prerequisite.</o:p>

Suppliers and partners will need to establish and work within a consortium to deliver secure messaging capabilities across different areas of the health sector. The EOI will specify outcomes to be delivered through the projects, including interoperability in line with models agreed by the Agency, end-user experience, and a scalable platform going forward. These implementations will be early adopter sites that pave the way for national deployment and adoption into the future.</o:p>

The Agency is prioritising secure messaging as a core foundational capability required to enable interoperability between two or more messaging suppliers and seamless, secure, and confidential information sharing across all health care providers and consumers.</o:p>

The Agency plans to release the EOI on Friday 3 February 2017, subject to final approvals within the Agency. Proposals will be due by Friday 3 March 2017, 5PM AEDT.</o:p>

For information please contact [email protected] or 0428 975 970.</o:p>