Australia Launches Child's eHealth Record App

On Sunday 2 June The Minister for Health, Tanya Plibersek launched the new child eHealth mobile app that allows parents to keep their children's important health, growth and development information at their fingertips.

Ms Plibersek said the My Child's eHealth Record app lets parents add and monitor information like immunisations, height, weight, and development milestones.

"This App will mean that parents can have vital information about their children's health, like their immunisation status, at their fingertips all of the time," said Ms Plibersek.

"It doesn't replace the Blue Book or its equivalents, but if a parent is asked by a childcare centre about their child's immunisation status, they are very likely to have their mobile with them even if they are not carrying the blue book.

"There's a lot of health information that parents need to keep track of in the early years of their child's growth, including immunisations, their growth rates and their development milestones.

"The app connects parents to their child's eHealth record, which is a new function added recently as part of the ongoing rollout of the Government's national eHealth record system.

"The My Child's eHealth Record app is yet another way for parents to keep track of their family's key health information, and adds to the clinical and personal information the eHealth record system can already hold for an individual," the Minister said.

Developed in Australia, the My Child's eHealth Record app is the first smartphone app developed for the Australian Government's eHealth record system.

Before downloading and using the app, parents must have registered their child or children for a personally controlled eHealth record.

The app then allows parents to view and add information to the Child Development part of their child's eHealth record.

This includes personal measurements for a baby or young child's head circumference, height and weight, information and reminders about immunisations and child health checks, and observations by parents about their children's personal growth and achievements.

Tanya Plibersek launch eHealth Child App

Tanya Plibersek is pictured here with our very own Bianca Jordaan and her daughter Alicia and Bettina McMahon and her daughter Geneva.