Australian Medicines Terminology (AMT) Version 3 Support for Prescription and Dispense Record Documents February 2015 Release now available

NEHTA has released updated specification versions for the following document types, eHealth Prescription Record; and eHealth Dispense Record.

These updates introduce support for Australian Medicines Terminology (AMT) version 3 codes for therapeutic goods. 

In previous versions of these specifications, codes for the identification of therapeutic goods needed to be sourced from AMT version 2 and PBS code sets only. This limitation has been removed in this release, allowing document producers to also include codes from AMT version 3.

New Template Packages

Documents containing AMT version 3 codes can now be uploaded to the PCEHR system using the new template package IDs from the table below:

Document Type


Conformance Level

Template Package ID

eHealth Dispense Record





eHealth Prescription Record





Updated Product Components

For both document types, the following product components have been updated in the new release:

  • PCEHR Conformance Profile - new version 1.3;
  • Template Package Library - new version 1.2.

Supporting these changes, the Template Package Directory (new version 1.3) has been updated to include the new template packages.


You can access the updated specification end products as follows:

For more information, please refer to the following release notes: