Blog: Nudging digital health with David Halpern

We talk to the British psychologist who specialises in getting big results from small well-judged inputs.

David Halpern is a British psychologist who has specialised in recent years in advising governments on how the findings of behavioural science can be formulated as policy “nudges”. We recently had the pleasure of hosting him for a presentation and workshop on how these ideas could be of value in digital health.

Q: In your career you've advised on many different fields. How does digital health compare to the other fields you've examined? Are there any unique challenges to our work?

Digital health is at the intersection of two of big areas of focus. More than half of healthy years of life lost are estimated to be a result of behavioural or lifestyle factors. In other words, smoking, diet, exercise, but also less obvious factors such as social isolation, unsafe sex, and not completing medication.

At the same time, digital opens the door to new and affordable solutions. More subtly, digital makes possible much more rapid identification, testing and scaling of new and evolving solutions.

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