CDA Validator v2.0 and Template Packages Available for Download

NEHTA has released the next major version of its CDA Validator tool for the automated validation of clinical documents. This new version helps implementers reduce development and test times by performing a wider range of checks for clinical documents.

Version 2.0 of the CDA Validator now covers validation of:

  • The CDA document itself;
  • The CDA package containing the CDA document, attachments and additional material;
  • Updated versions of clinical terminology.

The validation of CDA documents can now be performed against different versions of clinical document specifications. This is supported by the publication of all available template packages for these specification versions on the NEHTA website. CDA Validator v2.0 can perform CDA document validation against any of these template packages.

This release also contains an update of the PCEHR Conformance Profile for eHealth Prescription and Dispense View clarifying that the rendering of documents of this type needs to conform to the PCEHR Prescription and Dispense View Presentation Guide. This clarification reflects advice and guidance previously provided to and adopted by implementers across the sector.