Digital Health in an Era of Precision Medicine — The Genome Generation

As the Chief Medical Adviser for the Australian Digital Health Agency (the Agency), I'm privileged to have the opportunity to meet with many inspiring people – clinicians, health consumers, researchers and innovators who help us think about the way our organisation can best serve Australians to get a good deal out of our investment in digital health services and technologies. We are delivering key services at the Agency that will enable our health system to remain world-leading in its innovation and ability to support a high standard of health and well-being for our citizens. Our continued efforts to improve and expand our understanding of how our services underpin and interrelate to the broader health and care ecosystem depends upon us continually looking outwards, reflecting and learning about future directions for health and care clinical priorities, as well as focussing on striving for internal excellence in our organisation.

To support these aspirations, we have recently started a new initiative here at the Agency called ‘Grand Rounds: Lunch and Learn'. This seminar series has been enthusiastically received by our staff, Board and Clinical Reference Leads, and it was my great pleasure to welcome Professor John Mattick recently as our first guest speaker.

Professor John Mattick is one of one of Australia's leading lights in Health and Medical Research, internationally renowned for his pioneering work in the field of genomics. He spoke to us about the future of genomics and the exciting possibilities that are being unlocked in a new era of precision medicine. He explained how genomics has the potential to revolutionise our health services, employing digital technologies to transform the practice of medicine and our entire health economy.