eHealth Integration Sample Code (eHISC) v2.0 March 2015 Release

NEHTA has released updated specifications for the eHealth Integration Sample Code (eHISC) comprising source code and associated documentation for the software.

It is available for download from the following location on the NEHTA website:

eHISC has had multiple enhancements, please download the Release Note v2.0 to view changes:

The eHISC provides implementers and software vendors with a sample implementation of a communications solution that enables patient administration systems and clinical information systems to interact with the Healthcare Identifiers Service and the personally controlled eHealth record system (PCEHR).

It is a standalone middleware solution offering the following functionality:

  • Connection to the Healthcare Identifiers Service to search for and retrieve national healthcare identifiers.
  • Assisted PCEHR registration of patients.
  • Connection to the PCEHR to:
    • Determine if a patient has an eHealth record.
    • View a patient’s eHealth record;
    • Post clinical documents into this record including:
      • discharge summaries;
      • prescription and dispense records;
      • event summaries;
      • shared health summaries; and
      • specialist letters;
      • pathology reports; and
      • diagnostic imaging reports.
  • Package these documents prior to submission.

Access to the eHealth integration sample code is provided subject to certain licence terms and terms of use.