eHealth Mobile Display Truck Starts National Tour at Altona North, Victoria

National E-Health Transition Authority (NEHTA) CEO, Peter Fleming, said a mobile interactive demonstration of how the eHealth foundations work, will be on display at the Hobson's Bay Health Precinct Altona North on Sunday 18 March 2012, to help educate and inform the local health workforce.

Mr Fleming said the Model Healthcare Community (MHC) display explains the eHealth story and eHealth initiatives from reception, to consultation, specialists, pharmacy, diagnostics, hospital and back home.

"eHealth will improve healthcare by enabling access to the right information, for the right person, at the right time and place," Mr Fleming said.

"The MHC provides a hands-on look at eHealth. It is an interactive and dynamic display that showcases the NEHTA eHealth foundations and solutions.

"The MHC truck gives healthcare providers a chance to see how eHealth will look, how it will work for their patients, and what patients will be expecting of them" Mr Fleming said.

The MHC display is an interactive demonstration produced by the National E-Health Transition Authority (NEHTA) that shows how an individual's health information can follow them safely and securely through the health system.

Mr Fleming said whether it is a visit to a GP, or a specialist, a hospital, pathology lab, or through to a pharmacy, eHealth will allow health information – with the patient's permission – to be safely and securely exchanged and shared between health professionals.

NEHTA's National Clinical Lead Dr Mukesh Haikerwal said when eHealth records become a reality from July 2012, medical professionals will be able to build a much better picture of their patients' health status, meaning they will be able to make better clinical decisions about care.

"Over time, this will translate into greater safety, quality and convenience right across Australia's health system, including here in Altona North.

"I am excited that eHealth records will soon be available for any Australian who wants one. This is a key component of NEHTA's commitment to improving our health and medical system, and I encourage all local health professionals to come and look at this demonstration," Dr Haikerwal said.

The MHC showcases the NEHTA eHealth foundations and solutions and highlights the investments made by the Council of Australian Governments (COAG) in a national eHealth system.

The Australian Government has committed $465.7 million over two years (2010-11, 2011-12) to establish a national personally controlled electronic health record system.

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