Framework for Action – invitation for contributions

Have your say about the implementation of Australia’s National Digital Health Strategy – Safe, Seamless and Secure.

Australia’s National Digital Health Strategy – Safe, Seamless and Secure was published in August last year after an extensive national consultation. As we move towards the implementation of this overarching vision, we are once again seeking input from interested parties about this next phase of development.

This implementation plan is called the Framework for Action. The realisation of this strategic vision is expected to result in

  • Hospital admissions avoided
  • Fewer adverse drug events
  • Reduced duplication of medical tests
  • Better coordination of care for people with chronic and complex conditions, and
  • Better informed treatment decisions.

The Framework for Action consultation document is available for download.

Following engagement with all jurisdictions last year, over 70 clinical, industry and consumer organisations have shared with us how they are helping to progress the seven strategic priorities in the Strategy.

There’s still time to submit your organisation’s contribution, and thereby to help shape Australia’s digital health future. Now is the time to ensure your plans are included in the Framework for Action!