Great health and wellbeing outcomes for Australian children made possible through patient-centred and clinician-friendly digital technologies

NSW will lead a new national collaboration to define initiatives of benefit to children's health using digital technologies and platforms.

Accessing and sharing information about their children's health is important for all parents.

Parents can often feel frustrated when required to remember and repeat information about their child's health.

Sydney-based mother of three, Kalita Corrigan, welcomed the announcement. "Technology is now an essential part of the modern world, so it would be great if healthcare could reflect this,” she said. “As a busy mum with young children there is a lot of information I need to keep on top of, so I'm all for using technology that will help me keep track of my children's health."

This collaboration will identify digital technologies to help parents and children to have better health outcomes and experiences of the health system.

Clinicians and researchers are enthusiastic about better use of information and technology to improve outcomes for their patients, and the opportunity to develop better treatments and health system experience for children and families.

This is part of the work the Australian Digital Health Agency (the Agency) is doing with NSW Health to improve the health of Australian children through the newly established Collaborative Network for Child Health Informatics.

"This is a unique opportunity to make a real and lasting difference to the health and wellbeing of the children – and indeed the future – of Australia," said eHealth NSW Chief Executive Dr Zoran Bolevich.

"NSW Health has a significant program of work underway to enhance our health services through effective use of digital technologies. Partnering with the Agency in this national collaboration helps us extend these capabilities more broadly," said Dr Bolevich.

"The Sydney Children's Hospitals Network is a leader in using digital technology to engage and support children and families," said Dr Michael Brydon, Chief Executive of the Sydney Children's Hospitals Network.

"We welcome this opportunity to facilitate collaboration with our colleagues across the nation to advance child health and wellbeing."

"Australian children and families deserve to have health services delivered in a way that fit around their busy lives," said Agency Chief Executive Mr Tim Kelsey.

"This can improve their ability to access health services and enhance their experience of health services because their providers have real-time information about each child's health status, immunisation status, and interaction across the entire health system. The work of the Network will help us realise this vision."


The Australian Digital Agency is partnering with eHealth NSW and the Sydney Children's Hospitals Network to establish the National Collaborative Network for Child Health Informatics and is funding its activities.

The Network will bring together Australia's leading experts in children's health to identify national digital health projects that will positively impact the health and social outcomes and experiences of children and their families.

In the coming months the Network will call on patients, families, clinicians, health and social care provider organisations, researchers, jurisdictions and ICT industry partners to join the Network's partnership group and expert reference group.

The Network is looking to identify projects that are child-centred, clinician-friendly and nationally-focused and will:

  • Engage and empower children and their families
  • Improve access to care for children
  • Support integrated care or better coordinated care for children
  • Enhance the quality of care through improved decision-making for care providers

Download: Digital Health Fact Sheet - NSW Children's National Collaboration (PDF, 657.79kB)


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About the Digital Health Agency

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