Manage your diabetes and health related information with your own personalised eHealth record

In the Autumn 2015 edition of Circle Magazine (Diabetes Australia) NEHTA Chair Dr Steve Hambleton and the CEO of Diabetes Australia Prof Greg Johnson explain why diabetes patients and their healthcare providers can both benefit from using eHealth.

Manage your diabetes and health related information with your own personalised eHealth record

If you have diabetes you need to see many health professionals and health services to help you manage your diabetes – your GP and specialist, a diabetes educator, dietitian, pharmacist, podiatrist, optometrist, pathology services, hospitals and more! Most of your health information from these interactions is stored on different computer systems and they are not connected so it's not easy for you to see all your information or for you to share your information with the range of health care providers you visit.

It can be difficult to remember all the medications you've been prescribed or the results of tests you've had or when you have had them.

Having your own, secure, web-based system where you can store and access your diabetes and medical information quickly is now easy to do and at no cost to you.

CEO of Diabetes Australia, Prof Greg Johnson says, "Taking control of your diabetes is easier if you take control of all the information. If you have an eHealth record you can check your own health information any time and you can provide your health care providers with your up to date health information, including treatment you have received and medications you've been prescribed."

An eHealth record has benefits for both patients and their health care providers. Dr Steve Hambleton is Chair of the National E-Health Transition Authority which is helping provide the eHealth record to all Australians. "As a practicing GP, I understand the needs of patients with chronic and complex conditions such as diabetes. We often don't have the information we need from other health services to help with diabetes management. You can register to get your own eHealth record easily – just ask your GP if they are able to register you at your next visit, or register yourself online at the MYGOV website where you can also manage your Medicare bills and payments. Once you have an eHealth record you can ask your health providers if they are using the system and, if so, to upload your treatment information."

There are more than 270 public hospitals and health centres across Australia connected to the eHealth record system and you can now give your permission to any doctor or health professional you visit to have easy access to your health information. For people with diabetes, this is particularly useful if you would like to travel.

You can register for an eHealth record in one of the following ways:

  • visit and follow the registration instructions
  • over the phone – by calling 1800 723 471 and selecting option one
  • in person – by visiting a Medicare Service Centre
  • through Assisted Registration – by a Healthcare Provider Organisation (Your General Practice may be set up to do this)
  • in writing – by completing a registration application form, available from a Medicare Service Centre or from the eHealth website, and posting it to: Personally Controlled eHealth Record Program, GPO Box 9942, in your capital city.

This article was first published in the Autumn 2015 Issue 1 edition of Circle Magazine produced by Diabetes Australia.