Media release - Digital Health Cooperative Research Centre initiative announced

$200 million opportunity that will foster collaborative research and development aimed at transforming digital health service delivery; improving health outcomes; reducing waste in the health system; building businesses and jobs.

The Australian Digital Health Agency welcomes the announcement by Senator the Hon. Michaelia Cash, Jobs and Innovation Minister that the Australian Government will invest $55 million through its Cooperative Research Centre (CRC) program to further develop Australia’s growing digital health technology and services industry. The Centre was one of only four CRC’s funded in this round.

The Agency is one of the participants supporting this initiative, which includes 40 commercial and government organisations operating across the health, aged care and disability sectors, 24 established and start-up technology, advisory and investment companies, and 16 Australian universities. The Digital Health CRC will have at least $111 million in cash funding, and $118 million in-kind funding to invest over its seven-year life.

Chief Medical Adviser at the Australian Digital Health Agency, Clinical Professor Meredith Makeham, leads the development of initiatives to ensure that digital health technology in Australia is designed, built and evaluated in close collaboration with the research community and are maintained on the cutting edge of discovery in Australia and internationally.

“The Digital Health CRC provides an excellent opportunity for government, industry and academia to collaborate on building the evidence we need to guide future initiatives aligned with our National Digital Health Strategy,” says Prof Makeham. “We are looking forward to the opportunity to collaborate with other participants in the CRC, which will support improved services and health outcomes for Australian consumers and clinicians, and build capacity in the digital health sector.”

The Centre will operate through collaborative R&D programs and foster new companies and products, a new digital health workforce and forge new national and international partnerships.

Professor Christine Bennett AO, Chair of the Consortium, says that the CRC’s R&D program is industry driven and academically powered. “We forecast that at least 1,000 new jobs will be created by this CRC, and that the Government and our partners investments will be returned 5 times over”, says Prof Bennett, “and most importantly we will have actively contributed to improving the health and wellbeing of all Australians”.

The Australian Digital Health Agency congratulates all of the participating organisations who have worked together in the realisation of this important initiative.


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