My Health Record coming to a pharmacy near you

Pharmacists can now upload dispense records and view hospital discharge summaries, shared health summaries, and allergy information to My Health Record using enhanced Minfos, POS Works, and RxOne software.

Today’s announcement is a result of close cooperation between the Agency, the Medical Software Industry Association (MSIA), and it follows the launch of the Community Pharmacy Software Industry Partnership earlier this year.

EBOS Group General Manager Andrew Hall has celebrated the Minfos milestone.

“The Minfos and My Health Record integration helps deliver better health outcomes by reducing the time pharmacists spend chasing clinical information, allowing them to spend more time with their patients,” Mr Hall said.

POS Works Managing Director Mark Campbell said that the company is proud to bring the power of My Health Record to its pharmacy community.

“POS Works’ Dispense Works software has been designed around My Health Record to deliver better patient outcomes now and into the future. Our software delivers full e-health capabilities including My Health Record integration and e-script scanning that supports busy pharmacists working in modern dispensing environments,” Mr Campbell.

RxOne Managing Director Margie Peat said that the new interconnectivity with My Health Record has been a significant project and one RxOne is proud to have completed.

“I believe that our pharmacy customers will benefit from secure access to key patient medical information including allergies, discharge summaries, diagnostic imaging results, laboratory tests and other patient information they previously haven’t had access to.

“RxOne’s My Health Record conformant software will allow pharmacists to upload patient dispense information to provide enhanced care to their patients and will ensure the pharmacist has more knowledge of their patients’ progress through the medical systems,” Ms Peat said.

MSIA President Emma Hossack said programs involving private enterprise and the government depend upon goodwill and trust.

“This project is proof of the new working relationship between the Agency and industry. It demonstrates what can be achieved in a relatively short time and augurs well for other jointly owned digital health improvements,” Ms Hossack said.

Connection to My Health Record is an important step to enabling pharmacists to play a more integrated role in medications management and coordinated care. Pharmacists can have timely information on a person’s current medications, whether dispensed at hospital discharge, or through any community pharmacy in the country.

Pharmaceutical Society of Australia National (PSA) President Shane Jackson said that conformant software is an important first step in connecting more community pharmacy software providers to My Health Record.

“My Health Record is a game changer in the clinical care that can be delivered by pharmacists in community pharmacy, and the connection of more software providers to the My Health Record is a facilitator of this significant change.

“Today’s announcement will enable community pharmacy to contribute dispense records to the My Health Record which is valuable information for other health practitioners who care for the patient,” Dr Jackson said.

Co-sponsor of the Agency’s Medications Safety Programme Dr Steve Hambleton said that the addition of Minfos, POS Works, and RxOne to the suite of pharmacy software that can interact with My Health Record is another milestone in the rollout of better, safer care.

"A substantial number of community pharmacists can now access a growing number and range of clinical documents, and they can apply their deep pharmaceutical knowledge to maximise benefits and minimise medication-related harm to patients,” Dr Hambleton said.

Agency CEO Tim Kelsey said the announcement represents an important milestone to promote the safer use of medicine – and reduce the estimated 230,000 hospital admissions each year due to medication errors1.

“I congratulate Minfos, POS Works, and RxOne for introducing this important capability. Pharmacists using these clinical systems will enjoy greater access to medical information about their customers and will seamlessly contribute important information on dispensed medicines in their customers’ My Health Records,” Mr Kelsey said.

Other software providers are well advanced in their development work and are expected to integrate with My Health Record system in the coming weeks.

“An enormous amount of work has gone into co-designing a solution with consumers, healthcare providers and the software industry, leading to this milestone for software organisations who took up our industry offer. Today, we are one step closer to a seamless, connected healthcare system,” Mr Kelsey said.


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About the Australian Digital Health Agency
The Agency is tasked with improving health outcomes for all Australians through the delivery of digital healthcare systems and the national digital health strategy for Australia. The Agency was established on 1 July 2016 by the Australian Government as a statutory authority in the form of a corporate Commonwealth entity, and reports to all Australian governments through the COAG Health Council.

About Minfos
Minfos is a division of the EBOS Group (Symbion). The Minfos software is a dispense solution that incorporates an accounting system, business intelligence tools, and a drug and retail product database.

About POS Works
POS Works’ Dispense Works software is patient-centric dispensary solution that delivers enhanced pharmaceutical care. It has full e-health capabilities including My Health Record integration and e-script scanning.

About RxOne
HealthSoft’s RxOne software is an integrated dispense that offers integrations with aged care, robotic, payment, accounting systems and services as well as health and wellness services.

1 Literature Review: Medication Safety in Australia 2013, Australian Commission on Safety and Quality in Health Care

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