MyEHR to National eHealth Record Transition Impact Evaluation

At the COAG Health Council meeting in Darwin on 7 August 2015, Health Ministers received a presentation on an evaluation of NT’s My eHealth Record service undertaken by the National eHealth Transition Authority.

My eHealth Record has been operating in the Territory for ten years and as such, provides a unique opportunity to analyse the operation of an eHealth record in the Australian context. Like the national personally controlled electronic health record (or PCEHR) system, My eHealth Record captures summaries of information from healthcare events in an electronic record that is under the control of the healthcare consumer and is able to be accessed by providers that they later visit.

For the first time in Australia, we have strong evidence of the benefits of eHealth records in bridging the gaps in information that occur as patients move between different healthcare providers in the public and private sectors. The evaluation provides a clear case in support of the national PCEHR system.

The evaluation showed that eHealth records reduced the time clinicians took to find information, and supported improved clinical decision-making and continuity of care for patients. The evaluation also provides insights into how an eHealth record evolves and is taken up by the community and by healthcare providers. These are valuable learnings for the national PCEHR system.

Released on 11 August 2015