NEHTA eHealth Software Developer Community announcement – Conformance Test Specification for PCEHR Views

The National E-Health Transition Authority (NEHTA) is pleased to announce the publication of the Conformance Test Specification for PCEHR Views.

Who does this affect?

Developers that want to implement one of the PCEHR Views will find in the Conformance Test Specification the test cases that must be passed as a prerequisite to declaring conformance to the presentation requirements.

Developers that have already implemented one or more of the PCEHR Views may use the conformance test specification when they migrate to a new version of the Views.

PCEHR Views - what are they?

A PCEHR View is a summary of information in a person's national eHealth record that is dynamically created by the PCEHR system upon request by health software such as a clinical information system.

Each PCEHR View is an XML file intended for display by the health software according to presentation requirements published on the NEHTA website.

Developers of health software are encouraged to include support for PCEHR Views as they enable the efficient display of information in a person’s eHealth record. As the volume of information in the PCEHR system grows it will become increasingly important for health software to display information using PCEHR Views rather than, or to complement, the display of a list of documents in an eHealth record.

The primary PCEHR Views are listed below with links to their specifications, including presentation requirements:

Two views for child eHealth records are also supported and are listed with Health Record Overview.

PCEHR Views are accessed using the PCEHR View Service according to the specifications that may be downloaded from here.

The Conformance Test Specification for PCEHR Views

To be provided with access to a PCEHR View a software developer needs to implement and test their software for conformance to the applicable presentation requirements, and retain test records for a period of seven years in accordance with the terms and conditions in the PCEHR Conformance Vendor Declaration Form.

The Conformance Test Specification for PCEHR Views assists with this process by providing test cases for each conformance requirement and the ability for developers to record their test results. Also provided is a set of eHealth records and clinical documents in the PCEHR software vendor test environment designed for use when applying the test cases.

By publishing the Conformance Test Specification for PCEHR Views NEHTA has simplified the process for developers to test their software and reduced the development and testing time, thereby enabling developers to deploy their software into production in a reduced timeframe.

Common - Clinical Document end product

The Conformance Test Specification for PCEHR Views is included in a new version of the Common - Clinical Document end product and coincides with the archival of the following Frequently Asked Questions:

  • FAQ Trusted source on a CDA Package
  • FAQ Representing patient IDs in CDA documents
  • FAQ Pathology Date Time
  • FAQ Rendering Specification

More information is provided in the release notes.

Click here to access the new version of the Common - Clinical Document end product and start using the Conformance Test Specification for PCEHR Views!

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