NEHTA eHealth Software Developer Community announcement - Specifications Maintenance Schedule

The National E-Health Transition Authority (NEHTA) has recently updated the Specifications Maintenance Schedule, which may be accessed here.

The schedule lists specifications containing conformance requirements and conformance test cases applicable for software systems that access the My Health Record system and includes new versions of published specifications as well as entirely new specifications such as new types of clinical documents.

Who does this affect?

Developers of software that already has access to the My Health Record system may use the schedule to determine when new versions of specifications will be available, and plan to migrate to those new versions. In general, when a new version of a specification is published the My Health Record system will support a prior version for two years, providing time for software to be enhanced and implemented.

Developers planning to design and develop software that has had no prior access to the My Health Record system may use the schedule to see when specifications of interest to them will become available.

The schedule is updated on a regular basis so developers are encouraged to recheck the schedule from time to time.

Reminder – Clinical Package Validator survey

There is still time to provide feedback on the Clinical Package Validator tool (formerly known as the CDA Validator). Feedback received by NEHTA may influence the development of the next version of the Validator so this is an opportunity for you to request new features and changes that may assist you. Feedback provided before Friday 5 February will be considered. Click here to access the survey.

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