NEHTA Implementation Resources: eMedications Management Functional Framework v1.1 - August 2015 Release

NEHTA is pleased to announce that the eMedications Management Functional Framework v1.1 is now available for download from the following location on the NEHTA website:

This is subsequent release following its conception as part of the Jurisdictional eMedications Management (eMM) Collaborations initiative.

The eMedications Management (eMM) Functional Framework outlines the key capabilities within medications management business systems. It can be used to identify opportunities and gaps in medications management process automation, system integration, information quality and terminology standardisation.

The scope of the eMedications Management Functional Framework covers a range of capabilities from medications reconciliation to dispensing, including supporting functions such as supply chain, and dependent functions such as reporting and monitoring.

Important Information

Updates since the last release of the eMM Functional Framework have been documented within the release note. Download the release note as follows:


We value your feedback and encourage questions, comments or suggestions about the eMedications Management Functional Framework. Please email the NEHTA Help Centre, or call us on 1300 901 001.