NEHTA Implementation Resources: PCEHR Overviews, Guides & Conformance Material v1.4 and PCEHR Integration Toolkit v1.2 - August 2015 Release

NEHTA is pleased to announce the release of updated Assisted Registration conformance materials and the PCEHR Integration Toolkit.

Assisted Registration Conformance Materials

Healthcare provider organisations have established relationships with patients and, as part of providing treatment to a child, healthcare providers make decisions about a person’s authority to act on behalf of a child. An additional policy requirement approved by the Department of Health, based on stakeholder feedback, is to allow healthcare organisations to support a person’s assertion of parental responsibility.

NEHTA has now updated the Assisted Registration conformance materials to support this.

The documents below have now been updated and supersede previous versions:

Identifier and Name

There are no changes to the documents below:

Identifier and Name

To read more, including previous release notes:

PCEHR Integration Toolkit v1.2

This release includes the support for the new personally controlled electronic health record system Release 6 features, which update the Health Record Overview with the additional fields supported by the Shared Health Summary.

PCEHR Developer Website for PCEHR Overviews, Guides & Conformance Material v1.4 and PCEHR Integration Toolkit v1.2 Updates

We provide easily customised guides and resources for developers who want to integrate eHealth products into their platforms. Incorporate all three of our scenarios to get the full suite of Personally Controlled Electronic Health Record (PCEHR), can be found on the PCEHR Developer website, including recent PCEHR related specification updates:


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