NEHTA Releases Version 6 of the eHealth Integration Sample Code

NEHTA Integration Products is pleased to announce this version of the eHealth Integration Sample Code (eHISC) lets you upload pathology and diagnostic imaging reports to the My Health Record system without needing to generate CDA™ documents.

eHISC v6.0 automatically converts HL7™ v2 ORU messages into eHealth Pathology Report and eHealth Diagnostic Imaging Report CDA documents and uploads them to the My Health Record system.

The conversion capability supports ORU messages containing a PDF version of the diagnostic report. The resulting CDA documents do not contain any structured report information but instead refer to the PDF document, which is extracted from the ORU message and attached to the CDA document.

eHISC accepts ORU messages via both its SOAP web service interface and its new low-level MLLP interface. MLLP offers an easy-to-use integration path, as it is already widely supported by existing laboratory and radiology information system implementations.


eHISC v6.0 is available for download from the NEHTA website, subject to the licence terms in the Source Code Software Package and the Binary Software Package.

Please download the new release from the NEHTA website:


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