NEHTA Signs Up Aged Care Software Vendors for eHealth Panel

The National E-Health Transition Authority (NEHTA) CEO Mr Peter Fleming said today NEHTA has successfully completed the Expression of Interest (EOI) process for Aged Care Vendor Systems and had executed contracts with all shortlisted vendors.

Mr Fleming said the objective of the EOI was to establish a vendor panel for vendors to provide software solutions to aged care providers, including those operating residential aged care facilities and community care services, with the primary objective of driving Personally Controlled Electronic Health Record (PCEHR) uptake.

"NEHTA recognises the importance of consulting closely with the software industry as we build the new eHealth records system," Mr Fleming said.

"This specialised panel will provide expert guidance to NEHTA and also access to the key software vendors in this important target market. NEHTA has worked closely with the Aged Care Association Australia to deliver the EOI and create the panel," Mr Fleming said.

Aged Care Association Australia CEO Mr Rod Young highlighted the organisations Pathfinder Project.

"The Pathfinder Project which is being managed by the Aged Care Association Australia will be working closely with several of the contracted vendors to develop a roadmap for future IT deployment in aged care, generate lessons learned from adopting the PCEHR standards, identify the ways in which aged care providers benefit from integrating with the PCEHR, and understand what business process changes will be required to maximise the benefits of PCEHR integration," Mr Young said.

Through the Vendor Panel, NEHTA will:

  • Work collaboratively with vendors, the Aged Care Association Australia, the Aged Care Industry Information Technology Council, and other stakeholders on the changes that vendors will need to make to their products to meet the requirements for PCEHR implementation

  • Provide funding and support to vendor panel members to assist them in successfully implementing the required changes in their software products in a manner which is conformant with NEHTA and PCEHR specifications

  • Ensure that vendors make their NEHTA conformant solutions available to their Australian customer base.

The vendor panel comprises:

  • AutumnCare

  • Database Consultants Australia (DCA)

  • iCare Solutions

  • Leecare Solutions

  • Silver Chain Group (EOS Technologies)

"These vendors are expected to be the early adopters of the PCEHR in the aged care sector," Mr Fleming said.


For more information contact Alison Sweeney Public Affairs Officer on 02 8298 2669 / 0414 187 350 or send an email to [email protected]