New blog post! Innovation is a team sport

In the latest Digital Health Space blog post, David O'Driscoll discusses how consumers are fast shifting towards "digital first" to manage both their professional and personal lives and how organisations can meet the challenge.

Words like "disruption" and "transformation" get bandied about a lot these days, along with their more prosaic cousins "change" and "innovation". With Australians now spending more time in front of a screen each day than they do sleeping, we are seeing the shift as consumers choose "digital first" to manage both their personal and professional lives.

Organisations have seen the writing on the wall and are seeking new ways to adapt to this changing environment in pursuit of ever-greater efficiencies and operational effectiveness.

While there is a certain mythology about the lone visionary, the genius who sees the future and brings it into realisation through dogged persistence and sheer force of personality.

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