Interoperability: a personal view

Bettina McMahon, Chief Operating Officer and Executive General Manager for Government and Industry Collaboration and Adoption, shares her thoughts on a recent visit to Northcott, a not-for-profit organisation in the disabilities sector.

Northcott is a not-for-profit organisation that provides services and innovation for people living with disability. Today Northcott is one of the largest not-for-profit disability service organisations in Australia and provides empowering, personalised services to over 13,500 people with disability, their families and carers each year.

Northcott CEO Kerry Stubbs recently invited me to visit Northcott’s offices to see how people with disability receive personalised services and how this lines up (or not) with health services.

As I meet with case managers, occupational therapists, speech therapists and accommodation managers, it becomes clear to me that an extraordinary amount of effort goes into creating seamless services for their customers. When it comes to interactions with the health sector, the head of operations Lee tells me there is great opportunity to share information between a person’s healthcare providers and Northcott’s service providers. “Right now, there are few formal information flows between all the people providing health and care services to a person with disability. Often it’s up to the customer or their family to pass this information along, and if they’re ill or under stress, this just adds to the pressure a family is facing.”

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