PHNs build My Health Record expansion readiness

My Health Record Training and Strategic Engagement event lays the foundations for communications and provider readiness.

The two-day My Health Record Training and Strategic Engagement event took place in Melbourne on 13-14 February, bringing together members of the My Health Record Expansion program team and 150 PHN colleagues.

Marianne Cologon explaining some of the cybersecurity features of My Health Record

All the PHN attendees are key delivery partners in both provider readiness and communications for the expansion program.

Attendees were provided updates on some of the clinical benefits of using the My Health Record system, as well as progress in tactical communication implementation, after which they collectively workshopped strategies to promote My Health Record with providers and consumers alike.

Following on from this workshop, there will be a series of webinars led by Agency experts to further explore topics such as cybersecurity and enhanced services.

The depth of experience among this cohort was truly impressive – the Agency is looking forward to gaining further insights and intelligence from them during 2018.