Software developers pave the way to eHealth records system

NEHTA is pleased to announce that all vendors from its three Vendor Panels have passed their Notice of Connection testing enabling access to the national Healthcare Identifier Service. In addition, the majority have passed all the Compliance, Conformance and Accreditation (CCA) tests necessary for their first PCEHR-enabled release, and are now finalising this release or working on their second release.

With this complete, there is now widespread availability of software for healthcare providers to connect to the national eHealth record system.

Vendor Panels (and members) are listed below.

General Practice:

  • Zedmed
  • Medtech
  • Best Practice
  • CSC / iSoft (Practix)
  • Communicare
  • Genie
  • HCN (MD3)

Aged care:

  • iCare
  • Leecare
  • Database Consultants Australia (TCM)
  • Autumncare (aka Unleashed Technology)
  • Silverchain / EOS

Community pharmacy:

  • Simple Retail
  • Fred IT


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