Updated: Secure Message Delivery October 2014

A number of documents previously published on the eHealthCollaborate website[1] have now been moved to the NEHTA website.

These documents are:

  • Secure Message Delivery – Conformance Assessment Scheme: the process for assessing the conformance of health software that implements Standards Australia’s 2010 Australian Technical Specifications ATS 5822 E-health secure message delivery, ATS 5821 E-health XML secured payload profiles, and ATS 5820 E-health web services profiles.
  • Secure Message Delivery – Conformance Test Specifications: test cases and test scenarios for secure message delivery.
  • Secure Message Delivery – Declaration of Conformity: for declaring conformance of health software to the secure message delivery Australian Technical Specifications.
  • Secure Message Delivery – Implementation Conformance Statement Proforma: for providing detailed information about conformance to the Australian Technical Specifications.
  • Secure Message Delivery – Test Summary Report Template: for use by the software test laboratories that are accredited to perform secure message delivery conformance tests.

Note that the last three documents have had some minor editorial updates to the content, but no material changes.