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Digital health is making it easier for consumers to get vaccines

Published 11 November 2021

A new digital health initiative – Vaccine Clinic Finder Connect – ensures consumers have the most up-to-date information on finding where they can get a vaccination appointment. It lets healthcare providers publish and make timely and accurate updates to their COVID-19 vaccination clinic details in the Vaccine Clinic Finder.

The new digital health initiative is currently in a pilot with 53 South Australian sites trialling the system to update their vaccination service details in the Vaccine Clinic Finder (rather than waiting on a third party to update their details).

Vaccination providers update their details in the VCF Connect portal (linked to PRODA), which VCF will display to consumers. Consumers can see the clinic’s location, contact details, opening hours and vaccines available. 

For busy healthcare providers, the benefits of VCF Connect include:

  • Easy to add or change information about vaccination services
  • Quick to update and publish changes to the consumer-facing VCF
  • Time saving and simple to incorporate into existing clinic administration
  • Free to use and available online through a web browser
  • Secure system with multifactor authentication

VCF Connect was developed in collaboration between the Australian Digital Health Agency, Department of Health, and Healthdirect Australia, and builds on the Agency’s Provider Connect Australia (PCA) solution, which is designed to maintain the accuracy of healthcare service and practitioner contact details. National rollout is expected early to mid-next year.

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