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Patient immunisation details now more easily available to healthcare providers

Published 13 May 2021

Australian healthcare providers now have an improved and consolidated view of their patients’ immunisation details through My Health Record.

This is important as the world continues to face the ongoing challenges of COVID-19 and shows how the national digital health system can support the response to both this and future pandemics.

Australian Digital Health Agency Chief Clinical Adviser, Dr Steve Hambleton, said the latest update to the system makes it much easier to see patient immunisation information.

“As a GP I can quickly and easily see my patients’ immunisation details, including their COVID-19 vaccination status or their children’s National Immunisation Program status, without having to go through time-consuming logins for separate systems. This is one of the great benefits of My Health Record,” he said.

The consolidated immunisation view is available in most clinical information systems without the need for any software updates by healthcare providers.

As well as making it easier for clinicians to access immunisation information in My Health Record, the new improvements provide additional information from the Australian Immunisation Register (AIR) for clinicians and consumers.

This includes COVID-19 vaccination status and National Immunisation Program (NIP) schedule details such as status and any due, overdue or upcoming immunisations, which is especially useful for parents to keep up with their child’s immunisations. It also includes a notices section to show additional information from the AIR, such as any recorded medical contraindications.

Consumers are taking advantage of the consolidated immunisation information with 64,000 views already recorded. 

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Media release - Patient immunisation details now more easily available to healthcare providers in their clinical information systems (PDF, 197.85 KB)

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