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The latest on Secure Messaging

Published 24 February 2020

Reliable and accurate service offering information in the sending system is essential for the successful use of secure messaging.

Within the Secure Messaging Program, the objective of the Provider Addressing Service Project was to develop a proof of concept solution to improve consistency and accuracy of information held within external directories. This would ultimately deliver accurate address information when addressing electronic communication. The Service Registration Assistant (SRA) enables provider organisations to maintain an authoritative version of their service and practitioner details. The details are then provided to subscribers like secure messaging directories, clinical pathway directories, referral directories and other health services directories.

Currently the proof of concept is being tested in a geographically-constrained footprint in the Northern NSW region and includes both jurisdiction and primary care organisations (GPs, specialists). The intent of the proof of concept, through collaboration with partner organisations, is to measure the actual benefits from the use of the solution. In doing so, this will provide the evidence for formal assessment of the suitability and viability of the solution, and the development of a business case for national scaling.

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