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Inside Digital Health - COVID-19 special edition no.8, January 2021

Published 15 January 2021

Steven Issa

Message from the Chief Digital Officer

In our first edition of Inside Digital Health for 2021, Dr Steven Hambleton reflects on how far we’ve come fighting COVID-19 and the role technology has played along the way.

As the summer break continues, I encourage you to be mindful of the information you share online and why password managers are important. Listen to our latest podcast and read the latest cyber security advice to understand more about this.

COVID-19 has also highlighted the need for healthcare providers to connect to each other safely and securely. You can find out what’s being done to address this in the Safety and Quality Benefits of Secure Messaging review.

All the best for the new year, as we continue working together to connect Australia to a healthier future.

Steven Issa
A/g Chief Executive Officer


Photo: Dr Steve Hambleton

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