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Progress has been made to connect our healthcare system

The dependency on technology has never been greater than our current times and none more so than in healthcare.

Now you can access your health information wherever you need it, receive mental health support remotely and also get an electronic prescription. Because, when it comes to improving the health of all Australians, the role of digital innovation and connection is a vital part of a modern, accessible healthcare system.

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Now you can access your health information anywhere

With over 275 million clinical and medicine documents in the system, technology is helping Australians and their doctors access vital health information wherever they are, whenever they need it - including in an emergency.

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Now you can get a doctor's consultation from home

With telehealth patients can consult with their doctors by phone or video call, making it even easier to get access to healthcare. To date, over 30 million telehealth services have been delivered by doctors across the country.

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Now you can get an electronic prescription

Electronic prescriptions are rolling out now throughout Australia. Over one million electronic prescriptions have already been delivered as an alternative to paper. Check that your doctor and pharmacist are ready.

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