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Digital health platforms, tools, records, and smartphone apps empower us to monitor and take charge of our health and well-being. By providing direct access to reliable and comprehensive health information, these resources enable us to interact confidently with healthcare providers and gain a deeper understanding of our individual health.

This encourages a stronger emphasis on preventive healthcare, allowing individuals to have greater control over their care. It also supports personalisation to meet our specific and unique health needs.

"Digital health is an absolutely essential part of a world-class healthcare system for Australians. It should empower us all to take greater ownership of our personal health, provide greater access to health services, support healthcare workers to achieve better patient outcomes and enhance public health literacy."

Consumer – National Digital Health Survey 2021

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The National Digital Health Strategy aims to achieve 4 outcomes for Australia’s health system. These outcomes are supported by 4 change enablers, which are necessary to drive consistent progress and realise the strategy in full.

The Strategy Delivery Roadmap outlines the scope, approach, governance, key inputs and partners that will contribute to delivering the strategy’s vision.

The roadmap highlights 12 priority areas, each containing initiatives undertaken by a lead and supported by partners, to achieve the strategy’s health outcomes.

Deliver a person-centred health system, empowering Australians to look after their health and wellbeing and equipping them with the right information and tools to do so. Putting the needs of consumers at the centre of the health system improves the quality of personalised care and providing easy access to connected data and digital health tools supports consumers to confidently manage their own health and wellbeing journey, leading to a more sustainable and efficient health system.

This outcome will be driven by all 4 National Digital Health Strategy change enablers:

  1. Policy and regulatory settings that cultivate digital health adoption, use and innovations.
  2. Secure, fit for purpose and connected digital solutions.
  3. A digitally ready and enabled health and wellbeing workforce.
  4. Informed, confident consumers and carers with strong digital health literacy.

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The 3 key priority areas for the person-centred outcome are to:

  • Support strong consumer digital health literacy
  • Increase availability of health information
  • Enhance consent management and flexible health information exchange.

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Digitally enabled outcome - Ensuring that health and wellbeing services are connected, safe, secure and sustainable. Smiling female hospital staff member in dark blue uniform
Digitally enabled

Digitally enabled

Creating health and wellbeing services that are connected, safe, secure and sustainable.

Inclusive outcome - Equitable access to health services for Australians, when and where they need them. Two young girls both dressed in pink and with glasses, leaning in together, smiling girl facing camera with special needs in wheelchair


Providing Australians with equitable access to health services, when and where they need them.

Data-driven outcome - Readily available data to inform decision making about individuals, communities and national issues. Female (of Asian appearance) in hospital surgical room setting with mask and dressed in surgical scrubs, with five female and male surgical staff members blurred in background


Ensuring data is readily available and informs decision making about individuals, communities and national issues.

Modernising My Health Record: Improved sharing of pathology and diagnostic imaging information

Modernising My Health Record: Improved sharing of pathology and diagnostic imaging information

Published 22 February 2024