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Roadmap in Action • General

Enabling the digital health workforce

Published 22 February 2024

In an era of rapid technological advancements, the healthcare industry is undergoing a digital transformation. To keep pace with these changes, healthcare providers and organisations need to enhance their digital health capabilities.

The Australasian Institute for Digital Health (AIDH), in partnership with the Australian Digital Health Agency, have created an online hub that provides a single point of knowledge and links to learning to support the advancement of digital health capability of the healthcare workforce.

It includes information and assessment tools to help healthcare providers and healthcare organisations understand and navigate digital health and build confidence and capability with links to education and learning resources providing opportunities to learn and upskill.

Progress so far

The Digital Health Workforce Hub was launched in late 2023 as a pilot.

Outcome 1: Digitally enabled

This initiative relates to Outcome 1: Digitally enabled of the National Digital Health Strategy which is focussed on health and wellbeing services that are connected, safe and sustainable.

Strategy Delivery Roadmap

For more information, refer to Roadmap Initiative 1.2.5

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