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Safer Internet Day 2020 - Together for a better internet

Published 11 February 2020

On Safer Internet Day, consider how to manage your digital footprint.

On Tuesday 11 February 2020, the Australian Digital Health Agency will support the work of Australia’s eSafety Commissioner by spreading online safety messages and promoting the positive use of digital technology. We encourage you to do the same!

Celebrated in over 150 countries, Safer Internet Day's aim is to work ‘Together for a better internet’. All Australians are encouraged to help improve online safety at work, at home and within their communities, and make every day a Safer Internet Day.

Safer Internet Day

This initiative provides an opportunity to raise awareness about creating a better and safer internet, protecting your personal information and being conscious of your online profile. On 11 February 2020 take some time to consider how to stay safe online and start managing your digital footprint (PDF, 553.38 KB).

The first step to a better Internet is to talk about potential online risks and identify ways to avoid them:

  • Healthcare organisations can work to create an environment where online respect is practiced and where secure online behaviours support a ‘security first’ culture (PDF, 540.27 KB).
  • As parents we can think of ways to empower and support our children to use technology safely and in a positive manner. The eSafety Commissioner has recently developed a downloadable Family Tech Agreement which can help families discuss and agree on the use of technology in the home. Parents can act as digital role models promoting safe online behaviour.
  • We can all be aware not to over-share online and think carefully about our evolving digital footprint (PDF, 553.38 KB). Take some time to consider the potential impact on your online profile and reputation.

The Australian Digital Health Agency supports the Safer Internet Day 2020 initiative and encourages all Australians and healthcare organisations to be aware of staying smart online and safely managing your digital footprint.

Safer Internet Day



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