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Safer Internet Day 2022 - Play It Fair Online

Published 8 January 2022

On Safer Internet Day, Tuesday 8 February, the Australian Digital Health Agency encourages you to have a safe and positive experience online.

By encouraging online awareness you can protect your family, workplace and community from cyber threats – for example reporting suspicious online activity or implementing some simple cyber security tips when using social media, can go a long way in protecting your online identity and information.

Agency Chief Information Security Officer John Borchi encourages everyone to get involved.

“With so much of our time spent online, being aware of having a safe online experience and building digital skills is essential for people of all ages. Remember that being cyber secure is not just a job for experts. It’s something we all need to work at as we go about our daily lives.”

For Safer Internet Day, the Agency has a podcast that highlights the risks of social media, with practical advice about how to avoid sharing personal details that could be misused by others. You can learn about the risks of oversharing when online, which will assist in protecting your personal information and minimising the risk of your information being used in future ‘social engineered’ cyber-attacks. 

This podcast is suitable for all people, including families and those who work in healthcare, and features security experts from the Office of the eSafety Commissioner, the Australian Digital Health Agency as well as a prominent community pharmacist.

Remember through simple actions like being safe, respectful and kind – we can all #PlayitFairOnline.

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Report suspicious online activity at the Australian Cyber Security Centre

Graphic: Play it fair online  - Safer Internet Day 2022

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