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ePIP exemption guidance

This guidance is for general practices that have received a Practice Incentives Program eHealth Incentive (ePIP) compliance letter and are considering applying for an exemption. General practices should consult this table prior to applying for an exemption and satisfy themselves that there is evidence to support their claim.

Please note: Any evidence provided should not include information that could identify a patient or otherwise compromise their privacy. All supporting information should have individual patient information de-identified prior to submission.


Eligible for assessment?

How this is Applied

Shared Database Issues

Shared database issues where a general practice is able to provide satisfactory Shared Health Summary (SHS) Data


The Department of Health and Aged Care (The Department) will assess information where a general practice is able to provide SHS data to demonstrate that it has met its target for the quarter/s where they have been deemed non-compliant.

Shared database issues where a general practice is unable to provide satisfactory SHS Data


The Department will not consider cases where a general practice is unable to provide SHS data to demonstrate they have met or exceeded their target for the quarter. This also includes combined SHS Data.

IT Issues

IT/ technical issues


The Department may consider an exemption if a general practice experiences technical difficulties beyond the control of a general practice that prevented the upload of SHS for the majority of the relevant quarter/s.

An application for exemption from compliance action will need to include:

  • evidence (e.g. emails to an IT provider or screenshots of error notices with responses from the IT provider) to demonstrate it took steps to resolve IT issues within the quarter for which it was non-compliant.

Exemptions will not be considered for:

  • technical issues over multiple payment quarters. General practices are expected to opt-out in accordance with the published program guidelines if they are experiencing ongoing issues;
  • issues relating to installation/ upgrade of clinical software or IT infrastructure;
  • practices that provide manual spreadsheets of patient data as evidence uploads; or
  • a general practice that has been able to upload claims information to Medicare throughout the relevant quarter (it is considered that there has been sufficient access to the internet to also upload shared health summaries during the quarter).

National Authentication Service for Health (NASH) Public Key Infrastructure Certificate


The Department will not consider an exemption or compelling circumstances as the published program guidelines authorises that it is the responsibility of a general practice to ensure that their certificates are up to date and installed correctly.


Staffing Issues


The Departmentwill not consider an exemption for any issues related to staffing or general practice operations.

Change of Ownership


The Department will not consider an exemption to a general practice due to a change of ownership or liquidation.