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ePIP incentive eligibility requirements

The Practice Incentive Program eHealth Incentive (ePIP) has five eligibility requirements:

Requirement 1 — Integrating healthcare identifiers into electronic practice records

The practice must:

  1. Apply to Services Australia to obtain a Healthcare Provider Identifier–Organisation (HPI–O) for the practice, and store the HPI–O in a compliant clinical software system;
  2. Ensure that each general practitioner within the practice has their Healthcare Provider Identifier–Individual (HPI–I) stored in a compliant clinical software system; and
  3. Use a compliant clinical software system to access, retrieve and store verified Individual Healthcare Identifiers (IHI) for presenting patients.

Requirement 2 — Secure messaging capability

The practice must have a standards-compliant secure messaging capability to electronically transmit and receive clinical messages to and from other healthcare providers, use it where feasible, and have a written policy to encourage its use in place.

Requirement 3 — Data records and clinical coding

Practices must ensure that where clinically relevant, they are working towards recording the majority of diagnoses for active patients electronically, using a medical vocabulary that can be mapped against a nationally recognised disease classification or terminology system. Practices must provide a written policy to this effect to all GPs within the practice.

Requirement 4 — Electronic transfer of prescriptions

The practice must ensure that the majority of their prescriptions are sent electronically to a Prescription Exchange Service (PES).

Requirement 5 — My Health Record system

The practice must:

  1. Use compliant software for accessing the My Health Record system, and creating and posting shared health summaries and event summaries;
  2. Apply to participate in the My Health Record system upon obtaining a HPI–O; and
  3. Upload a shared health summary for a minimum of 0.5% of the practice’s standardised whole patient equivalent (SWPE) count of patients per PIP payment quarter.