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CVIP releases

Release 1.1, 29 April 2021

  • New 'Terms of Use' feature to allow providers and individuals to view and accept the terms of use within CVIP. 
  • New 'Cohort' field to allow recording and reporting on number of individuals vaccinated in each cohort, aligned to COVID-19 vaccine national rollout phases. 
  • Enhancement to the ‘Clinic Report’ to allow providers to download the clinic report in CSV or Excel format. The report also contains additional patient information, such as individuals address, cohort, Medicare number etc to assist with clinic administrative reporting. 
  • Option to refresh and print immunisation history so that providers can give patients an updated immunisation history as evidence of vaccination. This is useful for patients who don’t have easy access to other channels to get an updated immunisation history. 
  • Improved consumer self-check-in to allow individuals who do not have an existing Australian Immunisation Record (AIR) record to still use self or assisted check-in. 
  • Improved provider registration to ensure patient information is validated to check for an existing AIR record. 
  • Improved error handling and validation to reduce AIR encounter errors and rejections including when AIR system is down.