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Add or update email configuration

Optional step. You can choose to be notified about the publication of new and updated details being published to one or more partner services you manage via email. To do so you can set-up email configurations for each partner service you manage.

Emails will contain hyperlinks that you can click on to view the relevant information in the PCA portal.

Summary of steps

1. From the Your Organisations screen, click on the organisation name (next to the PO icon).

2. On the Participation Organisation screen, click on the Publication email configurations tab.

3. Click on the Add email configuration button.

4. On the Add New Publication Email Configuration screen: 
    4a. Select the name of the partner service for the email configuration 
    4b. Add the email address to receive notifications when new details are published, or existing details have been updated. 
    4c. Select the frequency at which emails will be sent. 
    4d. Optional: Select/de-select if email configuration is active 
    4e. Optional: Select/de-select to include FHIR resource identifiers in publication email

In the Notification Details section: Select an option whether to receive one email containing all changes, or to receive separate emails for each of the changes for each publishing organisation.

5. Select which changes you wish to receive emails for: changes to organisation, location, healthcare service and/or practitioner details. Note: At least one type of change must be selected.

6. Once complete, click on Save button.

Updating email configuration: Once you have completed entering your publication email configuration, you can update publication email configuration details by clicking on the partner service under Publication email configurations tab. Perform necessary updates and once complete, click on the Save button.